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4 Benefits of B2B Lead Scoring (and why you need to finally start doing it).

The quality of leads generated always causes disagreements between marketing and sales. The remedy is to score the leads according to sales-specific criteria. With lead scoring you increase the win rate in the marketing process - simply and effectively!

B2B Lead Scoring - Pure Acceleration for the Quality of Leads

It's good if your website is highly frequented and generates many leads. Ideally, the short flying visit of the customer is the beginning of a successful customer journey with the conclusion of a contract. Unfortunately, the reality is often different in online B2B: The sales team complains massively about the quality of leads despite having enough of them. The marketing department, on the other hand, no longer understands the world and puzzles over why the conversion probability is so low despite the abundance of newsletter subscribers and downloads. But what is the reason?

Lead generation is central to any inbound and outbound marketing strategy.

Leads must not only be collected quantitatively, but must also be evaluated qualitatively.

This enables sales to target customers and significantly increases opportunities. With the so-called lead scoring, the quality of the leads becomes measurable. Already during the lead generation the customer is in the focus and his behavior on the website is recorded. Companies that use a lead scoring system in lead generation have an increase in ROI of a whopping 77 percent.

Therefore, Remember:

  • Qualifying leads makes prioritization possible

  • Lead scoring is an important measure to increase sales

  • With lead scores you design internal processes more effectively

What Exactly is Lead Scoring in B2B?

A lead scoring model is a scoring system that evaluates generated leads according to characteristics and activities. This includes the behavior, but also company-specific and demographic information of the potential customers. The result of the evaluation is a qualitative ranking of the leads, which allows marketing and sales to target the leads precisely. Now it is no longer a matter of chance or gut feeling, but reliable data is the basis of the contact. The goal is clearly formulated: The acquisition of new customers.

Why is Lead Scoring so Important?

A smart lead scoring system helps you filter out which leads actually have a high propensity to buy.

The sales department handles these high quality leads with appropriate prioritization.

The initiation of customer contact is the first milestone in the customer journey. Now, with the help of the lead score, it is important to use one's own resources in the right place. Marketing and sales experts thus succeed in correctly assessing, qualifying and differentiating the leads. Thus, lead scoring has a significant influence on the efficiency of the entire management process

  • Effective Marketing Campaigns: B2B lead scoring identifies channels that lead to high-quality leads. This way, all marketing campaigns are ideally adapted to potential customers

  • Facilitate collaboration between marketing and sales: Only high-quality leads are passed on to the sale team. This strengthens the relationship between the departments and facilitates joint alignment

  • Increasing sales: the sales department prioritizes important leads, ensuring that they are contacted in a timely manner. This approach goes a long way in increasing sales

The 4 Most Important Advantages of B2B Lead Scoring

There are numerous benefits to thoughtful lead scoring. The four most important ones, in our opinion, are presented below

1. B2B Lead Scoring Saves Time and Money

Sales and marketing only try to find customers with a high score. This saves time and thus costs and incidentally increases sales. Even small teams can act successfully

2. More Success for the Sales Team

With qualified leads, the sales team no longer chases every lead they collect without success. The employees concentrate on the leads from which sales can actually be expected. Resources are thus used efficiently, costs are saved and sales successes are booked

3. Marketing & Sales - Together We Are Strong

The sales cycle is shortened and both departments work together effectively. The high quality of the leads prevents frustration in the sales team. Each department has real-time access to the data with a marketing automation system and can react precisely to leads. Lead management is teamwork!

4. Reliable Data Instead of Gut Feeling

Sales no longer has to pick leads at random. Decisions are based on reliable data and even before contact is made, employees have a comprehensive 360-degree profile of the customer, including their lead score. Decisions are made on the basis of data and the chance of revenue growth increases

More Revenue through Lead Prioritization

Filtering and qualifying leads is a win rate for the entire company. With a customized lead scoring system you increase the win rate in the complete sales process and the turnover increases significantly. Prioritization is the most important success factor and increases the quality and speed of processing qualified leads. Marketing automation solutions implement lead scoring perfectly and ensure satisfied employees. Take advantage of the opportunities of a lead scoring system and save not only time, but also costs

Conclusion: Design Internal Processes More Effectively with Lead Scoring ...

... and ultimately convert more customers. B2B lead scoring is an excellent way to simplify, streamline and improve processes within a company. Leads are classified during their customer journey and qualified with a lead score.

If the leads are of high quality, they are passed from marketing to the sales team.

The sales department only becomes active when the contacting of the leads is expected to result in a purchase. This makes the entire process of acquiring new customers extremely effective and efficient