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Ads of the search engine Bing, which can be profitable especially for companies that can identify a part of your target audience as users of Bing.

Since Bing has nowhere near as many users as Google, the reach is much smaller, but there are also correspondingly lower prices for placing the ads.

A centerpiece for managing any SEA campaign with Microsoft is the so-called Editor. This is a tool that can be used to manage campaigns and keywords, similar to the Google Ads Editor.

While Google usually optimizes campaigns and keyword lists online, Bing offers an additional desktop tool, Microsoft Advertising Intelligence, with which users can manage complete keyword lists with up to 200,000 keywords and optimize them.

Windows users should find it even easier to use the desktop tools thanks to the Windows-typical user interface. Visually, however, the tools also resemble those of Google. A preview function works similar to AdWords via the Bing Ads account.