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What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of acquiring potential buyers (leads). A qualitative distinction is useful here, depending on how high the hurdle to the final purchase decision is. This way, sales activities can be planned in an appropriate manner.

Lead management is the process of acquiring and managing leads (potential customers) up to the point of purchase. This is an elaborate process and is especially applicable in e-commerce and B2B.

Lead Generation has the goal of directing prospective customers of an offer to one's own sales department. This is possible, for example, through favorable prices, gifts or valuable information. This valuable information can be presented in the form of a lead magnet.

A lead magnet can be a whitepaper, video, annual report or any other document, which one receives in return of personal data such as name and email address.

Furthermore, marketing automation software helps to support lead generation. This happens when the software covers potential customers at the right time with the right information.