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How Artificial Intelligence Takes Your Marketing to the Next Level

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the attempt to replicate intelligent human behavior with technological capabilities. To do this, it must be able to learn. Find out how artificial intelligence can effectively support you as a marketer in your work in the following article.

The day will come when the machine will replace the human being

This sentence, which sounds like a threat at first glance, has long since become reality in many areas. Also - and especially - in marketing. You want to know why artificial intelligence improves your marketing and, above all, how it does so? Then read on here. We claim

Nothing is shaping the future of B2B marketing as massively as artificial intelligence. AI or not AI - this could also mean success or defeat!

The use of artificial intelligence in marketing. Does it have to be? Will this make me superfluous as a marketer? No! The first question is answered with a yes by a large part of all decision-makers in the course of advancing digitalization. Many companies are convinced that B2B marketing can also benefit greatly from AI solutions: 81% see artificial intelligence as an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction.

That this is no mere theory is also shown by the budgets estimated: 57% of B2B sales managers intend to invest more in AI applications and automation in 2021. In the B2C sector, tried and tested intelligent chatbots are already at the top of the wish list.

What Can I Achieve with Artificial Intelligence in B2B Marketing?

AI technologies are already being used for many different use cases in marketing. Daily work is improved by automating a whole range of tasks. Artificial intelligence is widely used for digital content creation. It is used within the digitized buying process to improve targeting, targeted personalization and social listening. It provides answers to the following questions, for example:

  • How and with which advertising media can I best reach the customer?

  • At what point should I address the customer in the course of the customer journey?

  • Which products are of particular interest to the customer?

  • Does the customer need an additional incentive to complete the purchase?

  • How do I prevent a customer from leaving for a competing company?

A big advantage of AI in B2B marketing is the significant time savings

Artificial intelligence does not replace the marketing expert, but it helps him in his daily work.

Processes are optimized. Tasks that would be too complex or impossible to perform within a reasonable time frame without AI are taken over with ease. In doing so, it is faster and more accurate than a human could ever be

But enough of the theory. In the following section, we will clarify how artificial intelligence helps you and what concrete solutions it offers B2B marketing.

These AI-based Solutions Support Your B2B Marketing

Big Data - the Analysis of Large Amounts of Data for All Digital Marketing Measures

As an old hand in the marketing business, until a few years ago you were mainly concerned with the design of creative and strategic marketing concepts. Today, AI supports you in this. Large amounts of user data, which tools like Google Analytics provide, want to be evaluated. Artificial intelligence is able to evaluate these huge amounts of data. For example, it can recognize the behavior patterns of potential customers on websites and send you detailed reports

Artificial intelligence thus generates an excellent basis for all digital marketing measures. Thanks to the support of AI, you can address existing customers as well as new, strategically meaningful target groups in a very targeted manner with relevant content. Or to put it in the words of Dr. Reemda Tieben, Head of Data Activation Google:

It's utopian to think that with the myriad of contact and resulting data points, marketing can be driven by rules! If you want to reach the consumer at the right time, in the right channel, with the relevant message, there is only one way: data-driven marketing with the help of machine learning.

Intelligent Chatbots - Also Time-Saving and Useful in B2B Marketing

Chatbots have already been tried and tested in the B2C sector. They are also becoming increasingly popular in the B2B sector, and not without reason. Integrated into the company's website, chatbots based on machine learning help with many - sometimes recurring - customer inquiries. The users in the form of prospective buyers or customers meet with their questions on a technical system that is available around the clock

Chatbots answer simple questions about articles by responding to very specific keywords.

Particularly intelligent chatbots are even able to handle an entire purchase. Furthermore, chatbots can collect valuable feedback from users: They ask visitors, for example, about their opinion on certain products or about their satisfaction with the website. If the chatbot is overwhelmed with detailed questions, it can automatically forward visitors to a qualified person.

Experience has shown that the fast reactions of chatbots significantly increase customer satisfaction. Last but not least, artificial intelligence in the form of chatbots saves personnel costs.

Email Marketing - the Direct Marketing of Today

In all your marketing activities, you should not disregard e-mail marketing. It is suitable for companies of all sizes, regardless of whether they offer products or services. AI-based solutions in the form of easy-to-implement email tools like MailChimp achieve a high degree of automation. Email tools make it easier for you to send out a personalized newsletter at regular intervals or to react specifically to user behavior on your website.

Email tools generate content that is precisely tailored to the target audience. They:

  • formulate the appropriate salutation, headline and subject line,

  • create suitable text modules,

  • provide appealing visual content.

Intelligent technologies take on the task of automatically pre-sorting emails and delivering them according to the user's behavior

The Personalized Website - Artificial Intelligence Makes it Possible

What seemed impossible until a few years ago is already being demonstrated by the largest e-commerce providers such as Amazon: the personalized website that is precisely tailored to the user. Nevertheless, it still represents one of the biggest challenges for the use of artificial intelligence in marketing

The website is tailored to the interests and behavior of the user by means of algorithms. And that in real time

Elements such as the price or search results can be adapted to the respective visitors. Other customizable elements are banners and pop-ins with:

  • Product recommendations

  • Discount offers or coupons

  • Notifications

A personalized website based on artificial intelligence is capable of segmenting customer groups and prioritizing actions

Once implemented, a personalized website allows you to target effectively, which helps optimize the marketing budget.

Content & Marketing Automation - Artificial Intelligence Automates Your Lead Management

Remember how we said AI is great at extracting insights from data? Now, when you combine the right AI with the right data, you can better understand customer behavior - and predict how they'll behave in the future. For better understanding and predicting consumer behavior.

Pedalix is a company that helps B2B companies get more out of their AI investments by enriching their predictive models with third-party customer data. The result is better predictions about customer behavior thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

AI technologies can help you generate more leads from the traffic that's already coming to your website

AI-driven reading recommendations keep your leads on the website longer and lead them to a form for a download or a contact request. This can optimize the buying process.

Even the bots mentioned above use AI to learn from the conversations that happen on the website between customers and your employees. This information allows the bot to answer questions, understand what a good lead looks like, and generate leads from visits at scale.

And of course, convert more leads into sales! Many marketers also want to get more out of the leads they already have. Pedalix offers the AI technology that can help with that. We offer an AI wizard that works around the clock to qualify leads on your site so you can automatically convert more of them into sales.

Often, companies let leads fall through the cracks because they don't have the resources to follow up and qualify each one.

However, using AI, you can virtually clone a sales rep to ensure every lead gets a one-to-one recommendation - enabling true sales automation.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Marketing - Outlook

The use of artificial intelligence is permanently changing the way people and companies interact. Where people used to communicate with each other, customers are increasingly dealing with systems based on artificial intelligence. Experience shows that both sides benefit from this: Potential customers benefit from the speed with which information can be obtained. Likewise, the content that is relevant through targeting leads to increased customer satisfaction.

The use of artificial intelligence in marketing will continue to increase in the near future. Nevertheless, this will not make humans or you as a marketer superfluous.

AI technologies only act on the basis of the parameters that humans have defined for them. They cannot learn from experience or find new solutions completely independently.

Challenges also arise for brand management: The technical touchpoints to the customer should reflect the brand just as much as other contact points. According to brand experts, this is still insufficiently attempted. For example, how should the way a chatbot speaks be changed to support the corporate brand? This is just one question that needs to be answered in the future.

Conclusion: AI Improves Your Marketing

AI-based systems and technologies such as chatbots, data analytics, and personalized websites and lead management are changing and improving marketing for good.

The digital transformation of marketing has already impacted every B2B sector.

As the importance of digital engagement grows, so does the urgency for B2B marketers to respond to rapid and fundamental changes in customer behavior. But the depth and success of responses still vary widely. The Corona pandemic didn't trigger the underlying customer trends, but it certainly accelerated them and increased the risks associated with not responding properly.

The leaders in this transformation are all using AI as a tool to create bionic marketing capabilities and implement a new go-to-market approach with much tighter integration of sales and marketing. These capabilities enable

  • significantly more effective customer insights and engagements,

  • deeper customer relationships,

  • accelerated revenue growth,

  • improved customer lifetime value,

  • and long-term customer retention.

Conversely, however, this means that anyone who has not yet invested in AI technology should do so now at the latest.

Make sure that your company is one step ahead of the competition and crosses the finish line as a winner. We support you with our know-how.