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Marketing 4.0: These 5 Requirements Will Be Placed on the B2B Marketing Organization of the Future

The marketing organization has always been subject to fast-paced change. What was best practice yesterday is often old news today.

1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and now 4.0 - what seems like an arbitrary array of numbers makes many B2B companies sweat. Despite their supposed sobriety, they vividly illustrate the transformation of the marketing world. The marketing organization has always been subject to fast-moving change

For many B2B companies it is not easy to react consistently to the change in marketing. After all, the daily business already takes up a large part of the available resources.

In this article, we therefore deal with the concept of "Marketing 4.0" and answer the following questions:

  • What is Marketing 4.0 actually?

  • How do we implement it?

  • What requirements do we have to meet?

Answers to these questions are indispensable in order to remain competitive in the future. Competencies must therefore be rethought and built up

The marketing organization of tomorrow needs above all flexibility and a high level of data competence.

(1) Marketing 4.0 is Data Driven

Data: the gold of the 21st century! It's what gives you a distinct competitive advantage over your competitors. So with digital marketing, it's always important to measure what can be measured. The analysis of your figures ultimately allows you to prioritize and continuously optimize your measures.

Data Driven Marketing is all about collecting data, evaluating it and interpreting it according to the target group. This enables you to better understand your customers. Then you can make optimal marketing decisions. Your campaigns no longer lose momentum due to their accuracy of fit. Instead, they are tailored to the wants and needs of your target audience thanks to data-driven marketing. Is that sly? Only to your competitor who ignores the potential of data driven marketing

(2) Processes Interlock: Keyword Multichannel

Another requirement for the B2B marketing organization are overlapping processes, also known as multichannel marketing

Custom-fit content helps you get in their minds on a regular basis. However, this content no longer stands on its own. They are inspired by the content you provide on your website. This is also where the next step of your sales funnel is found. It's usually your newsletter, which your customers use to master the customer journey in easy-to-digest steps

In Marketing 4.0, individual isolated campaigns are definitely outdated. Successful B2B measures rather keep the big picture in mind. Thanks to your evaluated data, you can implement your sales process in an uncompromisingly customer-oriented way

(3) More Than Ever: Content is King

Since you always have to keep the big picture in mind in the marketing of the future, it's only logical that you also have to have content ready for the whole thing in order to provide your customers with the best possible experience from A to Z.

By offering your target audience relevant content at every stage of the customer journey, you can build trust early on so that they think of you when making a buying decision. Because especially in B2B marketing, with products that often require explanation, are complex and expensive, the key to success lies in building trust early on. So don't neglect your content marketing strategy, and continue to do everything you can to deliver a tailored content experience to your leads.

So the smart B2B marketing organization of the future continues to pay homage to this king: content marketing.

(4) PR and Brand Management in Focus

PR and branding are difficult to measure. Is it because marketing often doesn't even talk about it anymore? Because these basic disciplines, which have always been associated with marketing, are still enormously important

Whereas a few years ago, for example, sales channels were designed for hard sales, today warm customer contact is in demand. Professional PR and the cultivation of your brand are indispensable for this. You consolidate this combination with the help of strong content, specialized skills and data-driven process optimization. Then you remain agile and act when smart action is required. The customer in mind - that will help you.

(5) Artificial Intelligence - the Marketer of the Future

Big Data, Data Mining, Marketing Automation: this trio exemplifies the use of AI in B2B. Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in modern business processes. Especially in Marketing 4.0. In view of its advantages, it is not surprising

Resilient data streams are essential for truly successful optimizations.

Automations save valuable resources while measurably increasing customer satisfaction. Data mining shows further potential for higher enthusiasm on the part of your target group. Artificial intelligence is therefore more than just the chatbot on the website: It is an essential requirement that your successful B2B marketing organization must master in the future

Why There Is no Way Around Marketing 4.0 in B2B

Marketing 4.0 is much more than just a new coat of paint for outdated marketing and sales processes processes in B2B. It's permanently changing our future marketing landscape. The easiest way to see this is to compare Marketing 1.0 and 4.0

For example, the original form was heavily product-centric. Its driver was industrialization. In terms of benefits, the focus was clearly on the functionality of the offer. The majority of advertising was oriented towards highlighting product features. An article should therefore simply be sold. And this was usually successful, since the competition was still smaller

And today?

The orientation of Marketing 4.0 is behavior-based. The driver without a doubt is digitalization

The benefits are no longer just functional either. It is about social values, collaboration, the B2B customer as a human being. Engagement is therefore what contemporary marketing is all about

Smart Marketing Measures: A Win Not Only for You

Numerous B2B providers are still talking to themselves. They talk about themselves, their product range and their previous successes. No matter if online or offline: Monologues are rarely a sustainable basis for relationships. Therefore, use Marketing 4.0 as an aphrodisiac that makes your offer irresistible when used regularly.

  • Recognize what your counterpart really needs.

  • Remain flexible in your approach to meeting those needs.

  • Stop being a salesman: If your offer is right, it will be accepted with a kiss

Conclusion: Set the Course Nnow for Customer-Centric Marketing

Here's what you need to understand as a B2B vendor: stale sales channels are costing you unnecessary sales. Today's marketing world is different. So are the needs of your target audience. If you recognize this and act accordingly, you'll be a real winner. For your customers, but also for your industry as an inspiring thought leader