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Building digital marketing and sales in B2B companies is costly and complex. The B2B Roadmap is a proven step-by-step guide for B2B entrepreneurs to plan, manage and scale their digital strategy. It helps entrepreneurs achieve the revenue growth and competitive advantage they want through automation, without investing heavily in resources.


We build funnels & simplify processes — The automation of marketing and sales will be crucial to success in the future.

Digital Strategy

Setting up a digital marketing and sales process is costly and complex. Based on our experience from over 100 B2B digitization projects, we have developed the B2B digital roadmap model - a step-by-step guide for planning, managing and scaling digital marketing and sales.

Funnel Management

Use the B2B digital roadmap to automate leads along the customer journey, gain a competitive advantage, and increase revenue. This book is for B2B entrepreneurs, visionaries, and innovators who want to turn outdated marketing and sales models on their head and drive innovation efficiently.

Productivity increase

Documented processes, for faster onboarding, better alignment and more effective execution of complex, repetitive tasks. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are essential to keeping your team productive and on track.

Replicable customer acquisition

Repeatable generation, nurturing and qualification of leads and customers. Few but clear metrics on one dashboard for optimizing a replicable sales funnel. A stubbornly up-to-date overview of your customer journey.


Fewer operational tasks and a day-to-day business that allows more freedom and focus on strategic initiatives. A system for lead management and content marketing leads to scaling and a noticeable increase in the value of the company.

The Problem of Ad-Hoc Marketing

Ad hoc marketing is not only ineffective, but also has a negative impact on your business. You waste your money with agencies, strategy consultants, expensive software or ineffective campaigns? Your day-to-day business and new product feature development are keeping you from strategic tasks?Your marketing strategy doesn't take into account a clear target audience and poor timing and messaging - which resonates with your target audience? Without a systematic plan, you are not reaching the customer where they are on the customer journey.


Valentin Binnendijk

SaaS Product Management, Remote Team Management
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Marc Gasser

Marketing Automation, Product Marketing
Development Lead

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Development Lead, Fullstack Development