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On a mission to eradicate spammy emails

who we are & What drives us


LET'S MAKE lead generation interesting FOR EVERYONE.

Like you, we get at least 10 spammy emails per week that all look the same. Like you, we love leveraging technology to make our lives easier. Like you, we love a great piece of content that helps us grow personally and professionally. 

The story behind our software.

In 2021, Marc was the supervisor of a master's thesis at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. It was about doing market research in the area of B2B marketing automation in the DACH region.
300 C-level executives participated in the survey. They shared their biggest challenges and plans. The survey gave us new market insights and credibility and increased our reach.
In 2022 and 2023, we conducted the survey again. Respondents were waiting for it and were curious to see if and how they had improved over the industry.
Each edition allowed us to engage with relevant content with our contacts. We also won timely and insightful information about the readiness to buy of each contact.

Then, it hit us

Annual industry surveys are ideal for B2B companies with long buying cycles.
So, we developed a survey software that shares personalised recommendations to respondents and identifies warm leads.

Valentin Binnendijk

Valentin is a co-founder of several companies like STARTUPS.CH and TrekkSoft. He is an expert on B2B Saas products and startups. He is the co-host of the Midlife Entrepreneur Podcast. Valentin is interested in entrepreneurship, startups, digital products, tech gadgets and a good lifestyle. He loves going on gourmet adventures with his gravel bike.
Profile Marc Gasser

Marc Gasser

Revenue Operations
Marc wrote the book Marketing Automation For B2B Companies. He is the publisher of the Marketing Automation Report 2021-2023. He is also an Innosuisse expert and lecturer on Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence in B2B at the ZHAW. He loves paragliding as for entrepreneurship, it's about taking calculated risks and adapting yourself to an ever-changing environment.
Virginie Cantin Officiel (1)

Virginie Cantin

Born and raised in the family business, Virginie worked in several startups before starting her LinkedIn consultancy to help women stand out on LinkedIn. She's the co-author of the WSJ bestseller 60 Days To LinkedIn Mastery and an expert in positioning, copywriting and storytelling. She loves tennis, boating and sitting by the water with a good nonfiction book.
Development Lead

Ivan Adutskevich

Fullstack Development
Ivan has been building bridges between business and IT for the last 20 years or so. He has held several positions in the IT industry over the years: Executive, Project Lead, Key Developer. Ivan has a strong sense of self-organization and is able to stay focussed in dynamic environments. He is married and has 2 children.


"Champaign" (favorite dessert)
"The West Wing" (favorite TV serie)


"Stomach-bread" (favorite dessert)
"MacGyver" (favorite TV serie)


"Tiramisu" (favorite dessert)
"Ted Lasso" (favorite TV serie)


"Cannoli" (favorite dessert)
"Person of Interest" (favorite TV serie)