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Launch an industry survey in 6 weeks

Build authority, share valuable content and generate a ton of leads.

THe Power of questions.

Asking the right questions at the right time is crucial for business success. It reveals valuable insights, builds trust, and helps tailor solutions. Effective questioning uncovers pain points, offers customized approaches, and establishes strong relationships. Thoughtful questioning unlocks possibilities, serving customers better and driving business growth.


how it works

We developed a survey software that shares personalised recommendations to respondents and identifies warm leads.

everything you get

Product features

Here's what lays behind our unique lead-generating industry survey solution:


01. Value for Respondents

Respondents receive personalised insights while & upon completing the survey, turning cold emails into valuable recommendations


02. Hot lead tracking

The survey dashboard highlights qualified leads so you can focus your efforts on ready-to-buy leads and accelerate sales.


03. Nurturing workflows

Our workflows ensure a high participation rate while warming up your prospects with survey-related content all-year around.


04. templates

To get you started quickly, we provide customisable templates for questions, outreach sequences, follow-ups & findings.


05. targeted prospects list

After helping you define a compelling topic for your target group, we build a list of relevant prospects for you.


06. CRM Integration

All contact data generated can be seamlessly synced to your CRM so you keep everything in one place.


Launching a survey provides more value than you think.

Deep Market Insights

The survey findings provide a wealth of information to improve the messaging & positioning of your products & services.

Annual content plan

Our nurture sequences are built to engage with your contacts all-year round. The survey report comes with 30+ graphics to share.

Nurturing System

By publishing a recurring annual survey, you have a system in place to deliver value consistently and in a sustainable way.


By sharing timely, insightful and actionable recommendations to survey respondents, you build up trust with your audience.

Thought leadership

By polling your industry every year, you gather unique industry insights which helps you to build your thought leadership.

Less stress

You're done chasing ideas & time for lead generation & content marketing. Our solution fills your pipeline on autopilot.

launch your industry survey in 6 weeks!


We get to work as soon as you're onboard. We help you define your target group, find a relevant topic, put the survey together and write the right outreach sequences.

1) topic & target definition

First, fill out the online assessment. From your data, we will prepare an online workshop to define the most appropriate survey topic for your target group.

2) Survey design & structure

Based on the inputs from the workshop, we will put together the right modules and drafts the survey questions for your review.

3) Outreach campaign: messaging & optimization

The last step before the survey can be launched is to prepare the outreach campaign, especially the messaging and positioning of the survey and your company.

We're not for everyone

We are not:

Not a short-term lead hack

While you can launch a survey in 6 weeks, our nurturing sequences are built on an anural rhythm.

Not for low-end products

We serve B2B companies that sell premium products and services with long buying cycles.

Not a market research firm

We focus on generating ready-to-buy leads, not a comprehensive marketing and scientific study.

Not for product feedback

Our survey solution is built for generating ready-to-buy leads, not for getting product feedback.


Got questions? We've got answers. Book a demo for more details.

How do I convert a qualified lead into a customer?

In the dashboard, you can see which contacts are ready-to-buy. This means they are already looking around or will start soon. When the timing is right, it's easy to get people on a call. All you need to do is ask. We provide a script that you can adapt to your needs.

What do you offer that survey services like SurveyMonkey can't do?

Our software is built for lead generation and nurturing. From the first outreach sequence to the survey findings, everything is made to create long-term relationships with your prospects. By providing unique value like personalised and actionable insights to survey respondents, you build up trust and authority. Our nurturing workflows allow you to engage with your prospects all-year round in a respectful and insightful manner.

Services like SurveyMonkey focus on the one-off polling of your existing customers to extract as much data as possible for your specific needs.

What is the required commitment?

This is not a short-term lead generating hack. Our solution focus on long-term relationship building for companies with products & services with long buying cycles. Therefore, we offer annual contracts with monthly payments.

How much does it cost?

We have different packages depending on your needs and situation. The best would be to book a demo so we can get to know each other better and give you a quote.

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