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Turn leads into customers

In the B2B technology world, timing isn't everything - it's the only thing that matters. Imagine if you had the ability to not only recognize the perfect time to acquire new customers, but also turn conversations into new business.

While others are still using traditional methods that deter rather than attract, you stand out and get more and better leads through relevance.

The right timing and ready-to-buy leads identify

Sure, you could hire another Sales Development Rep (SDR) — that's old-school sales, costly and risky. Or you could sit idly by and watch opportunities slip away because you're late for the next project. But why would you do that when there are better ways?

Imagine a world where lead automation is your constant, efficient companion — a system that delivers highly qualified leads around the clock without you having to intervene.

Targeted impulses

your turbo for timing, conversations and reach

We, the Pedalix team, are bringing momentum to B2B technology. With serial entrepreneurs Marc Gasser, our marketing automation and AI expert, Valentin Binnendijk, the SaaS product developer, and Virginie Cantin, our master of positioning, we drive your business forward with our Cotide solution and turn leads into paying customers.

Our approach: We use regular industry surveys to identify the perfect time for the greatest engagement, drive meaningful conversations and strengthen your market position - all supported by extensive lead research to maximize your reach.

Our intuitive dashboard opens up the world of ready-to-buy leads. Supported by our lead enrichment tools and industry report publishing, we help you achieve visible thought leadership in your market.

Successful collaboration

We have developed and refined a unique method that helps companies identify your contacts' propensity to buy. With impressive case studies, testimonials and compelling data - such as 60% email open rates and 40% click-through rates - we provide proof that we deliver what we promise.

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Want to identify the right timing, have valuable conversations and gain a competitive advantage? Schedule an appointment for a personal demo and find out how we can support your business with our solutions.