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B2B Hero

Product marketing for Software Companies is complex. We help you identify marketing signals from ready-to-buy leads, so you can grow.

The methodology

We make sure you really implement your best plan

Our method is for B2B entrepreneurs, visionaries, and impulse generators who turn outdated marketing and sales models upside down and efficiently drive innovation. Effective Lead Management and Product Marketing using the Hero Content Strategy.
Your result:

Productivity increase

Documented processes, for faster onboarding, better alignment and more effective execution of complex, repetitive tasks. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are essential to keeping your team productive and on track.

Replicable customer acquisition

Repeatable generation, nurturing and qualification of leads and customers. Few but clear metrics on one dashboard for optimizing a replicable sales funnel. A stubbornly up-to-date overview of your customer journey.


Fewer operational tasks and a day-to-day business that allows more freedom and focus on strategic initiatives. A system for lead management and content marketing leads to scaling and a noticeable increase in the value of the company.
The Problem

Ad-Hoc Marketing does not work in B2B

Haphazard marketing campaigns and ad hoc marketing are not only ineffective, but also have a negative impact on your business. You waste your money with agencies, strategy consultants, expensive software or ineffective campaigns? Your day-to-day business and new product feature development are keeping you from strategic tasks?Your marketing strategy doesn't take into account a clear target audience, long sales cycles or uses messaging that isn't understood? Without a systematic plan you don't reach the customer at the right place on your customer journey.

92% of B2B marketers use account-based marketing (ABM) and 76% of companies use automation. (Salesforce, HubSpot).
B2B companies achieve up to 50% more qualified leads at one-third of the usual cost through lead nurturing. By automating B2B lead nurturing, 451% more leads could be qualified (Oracle).

Get the plan that works.

You earn clear product positioning in the minds of your customers. Get a replicable sales process, access to expertise, reusable checklists and implementation power. 

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Digital B2B Roadmap

Study program

ZHAW CAS Digital Sales & Marketing in B2B

Flagship Event

Digital B2B Forum on 26.10.


In 6 months to a functioning marketing and sales funnel for the sustainable sales increase and the decisive competitive advantage.

What we do

We help companies through the automation of marketing and sales to more turnover!

Using an action plan of 100 tasks, after 6 months leads are automated along the customer journey, a competitive advantage is achieved through automation, and revenue is increased.


We use artificial intelligence to guide customers along the customer journey and identify patterns in their behavior.


We all want a full marketing and sales funnel that converts. For this, our contacts need added value along the buying process.

Our Team

Technology entrepreneurs and marketers with over 20 years of experience.


Customers who trust us.

Over the last 20 years, we have always managed leads along the customer journey.

  • Marc and Valentin helped us grow with best practices and an effective execution plan. The collaboration with them had a ROI in less than 2 months! The biggest impacts were on increasing our team productivity, sales pipeline and SEO visibility.
    Adrian Kyburz
    Head of Revenue, Xorlab AG
  • Marc and Valentin's experience combined with their systematic approach has brought my company a big step forward. Their energy, far-reaching strategic planning and help with practical execution are unbeatable.
    Christian Hyka
    CEO, Survalyzer
  • Valentin and Marc shared with us some great best practices and a compelling implementation framework. Combining their expertise with in-house execution power really allows for faster and better scaling.
    Benoit Henry
    CEO, Certifaction AG
  • Together with Marc, the business processes were accelerated and the data quality increased, which significantly reduces the process costs.
    Ph. Daeppen
    ABB Switzerland AG
  • We reached our goal after only 6 months. It was worth it even though Marc was not the cheapest provider.
    C. Broglie
    Fujifilm Switzerland AG