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20 Lead Magnet Ideas for B2B Companies

Acquiring new customers through digital channels is becoming increasingly important for B2B businesses. In this context, a lead magnet is a crucial building block within your online strategy to get contact details of promising leads.

What is a Lead Magnet?

As part of your online strategy to acquire new customers, the Lead Magnet plays an important role. It serves as a useful addition to valuable content that you have created for your ideal customers.

The goal is to use the Lead Magnet to collect relevant contact information from your potential customers.

In return for revealing this data, the target customer usually receives important information via direct download or as an email attachment. This should offer added value for your prospect so that he reaches the next stage in the customer journey.

The advantages of Lead Magnets

A well-placed lead magnet offers added value to your target customer. He will find important information in the article to solve his problems and needs. At the same time, the Lead Magnet also brings many benefits in your search for new business partners and customers:

  • Receipt of relevant contact data

  • Consent of the interested party to contact you (data protection)

  • Starting point to start a dialogue with the target customer

  • Provision of product information for better understanding

  • Sending of additional information in the decision phase

The Lead Magnet is particularly well suited as part of your digital marketing campaign to acquire new customers.

20 Lead Magnet Ideas for B2B Companies

1. Checklist

The checklist is a lead magnet that is helpful for the prospect to think of all the important points related to their problem solving. It is important for a good overview that all information fits on a single page.

2. Newsletter

The newsletter informs at regular intervals about news from the company and important industry news. The more personalized the newsletters are designed, the better they will be received by the B2B lead.

Source: Personalized Newsletter from Pedalix Software

3. Industry report

With an industry report as a lead magnet, you make yourself a competent discussion partner. With it, you report on developments and trends from the industry that will interest your ideal customers. This lead magnet is well suited for the distribution of gated content in social media channels.

Source: Preview of a LinkedIn post with the Pedalix software

4. Sample / Template

With a worksheet or a template, your potential customer receives a sample that he can use in his own business. It makes his work easier and is therefore a valuable help.

Source: Pedalix Persona Canvas

5. Infographic

Many people respond particularly well to graphic elements. Often a meaningful graphic is better than several pages of text. Make it easier for your ideal customers to understand complex interrelationships.

6. Product calculator

Especially for companies that sell products and services in the B2B segment, the product calculator is a helpful lead magnet. It is combined with an online form that is well structured and easy to fill out. Thus, the desired customer receives informative calculations as a result, which he can retrieve after disclosing his e-mail address.

7. Guidebook

The guidebook as a lead magnet provides the prospect with important tips that may be important in solving their needs. A good guidebook also includes alternative solutions and improves the perspective of the viewer.

8. Cheat Sheets / Cheat Sheets

Just like in school for classwork, the cheat sheet is a lead magnet that presents important information briefly and concisely summarized on one page. Cheat sheets facilitate the collection of information and are visually very appealing.

9. Whitepaper

In a whitepaper as a lead magnet, the reader finds very extensive information on a topic. Often, a comparison of pro and con positions is made here to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of a content. It is somewhat more comprehensive than the cheat sheet.

10. E-books

With the e-book as a lead magnet, a complete collection of important information is created. Here, facts are explained in detail and enhanced with graphic elements. The e-book is usually more extensive than a cheat sheet or white paper. However, it follows the same principle in the acquisition of new customers in the B2B area.

11. Case Study

A concrete case study as a lead magnet gives you the opportunity to explain a complex issue in an impressive way using a real-life example. In this way, applications can be easily explained and possible challenges in connection with the example given are pointed out.

12. Statistics

With a statistic, you can impressively relate trends in the industry to your company's product portfolio. This lead magnet is a good way to bring your own company's relevance to the forefront.

13. Guides / Manual

The guide or manual are very valuable lead magnets for potential customers. They are used directly to fix existing problems and usually show the individual steps to the solution in very detailed form. The guide is well suited as a download or email attachment.

Source: Content Marketing Guide by Pedalix

14. Expert advice

Make the experts in your company visible to potential ideal customers. In your lead magnet, mention the name of the person with qualifications and preferably add a photo. This increases the credibility of your company and appeals to your ideal customers on an emotional level.

15. Surveys

The result of surveys is often an important indicator for decision makers in the B2B sector for a possible purchase decision. As a Lead Magnet, you have the option to send the result of the survey to the prospect after entering their contact details.

16. Quiz

The quiz is a lead magnet that helps to lighten the mood of the potential customer. Everyone likes to test their own knowledge and learn something new in the process. Your desired customer will receive the results of the quiz after the e-mail address has been disclosed.

17. Webinar

With the webinar as a lead magnet, you give your target customer an insight into your business. After providing contact information, the user can log into the webinar and receive important information. In addition, a live chat enables communication with the other participants in the room.

18. Tutorial

With a tutorial as a lead magnet, the target customer receives valuable instructions. This is an excellent way to explain products in practical application. The advantage of the video message is that it can be viewed as often as desired by the prospect.

19. Audio version of an article

If you have collected interesting articles with privacy in mind from external sources, you can summarize this information in a lead magnet as audio messages. This way, your desired customer receives a broad spectrum of opinions.

20. Test version

With the test version as a lead magnet, the potential customer gets something to touch and try out. After depositing his contact details, the desired item is sent to him. This increases the seriousness of your company and conveys a lasting positive impression.


When it comes to acquiring new customers and business partners, online media is increasingly moving into the spotlight. Without a well thought-out digital strategy, it is difficult to acquire potential target customers in the B2B sector.

As part of your new customer acquisition concept, lead magnets are an important component.

They are perfect for using to obtain contact details from target customers and provide them with additional valuable information. At the same time, Lead Magnets are crucial in maintaining a dialogue with prospects. With the right Lead Magnet, your acquisition strategy will be a complete success.