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Email Marketing: The Perfect Tool for B2B Lead Nurturing

Personalized email marketing is an elementary component of a well thought-out lead nurturing campaign. Automated email marketing is even easier, more targeted and more efficient.

The digital transformation of sales is a challenge for many companies. Nevertheless, it is indispensable for continued existence in the market. Marketing and sales can be easily optimized with the help of automated email marketing.

What role does email marketing play in lead nurturing?

Automated newsletters as part of a lead nurturing campaign provide prospects and customers with the appropriate content along the customer journey. What is the right content in which phase of the customer journey and when it is sent is defined in advance.

Sending mailings is so well suited for lead nurturing because they are recurring digital processes. Even multi-stage campaigns can be optimally planned, controlled and executed. And of course evaluate them afterwards.

Automated email marketing is easier to implement and is more cost effective and efficient.

With the help of automated email marketing campaigns, you can reach a greater number of customers and potential buyers in the same amount of time, achieve higher sales thanks to the personalized approach and still have enough time to concentrate on your core business.

Source: Customer Journey Reporting from Pedalix Software

Digitization of the Customer Journey

To digitize B2B sales, you need the right touchpoints and offers that can be shared and linked on the web. In this way, you enable an optimal customer experience for your prospective buyers.

With the help of intelligent email marketing, you will be able to identify contacts who are ready to buy and directly address them through sales.

With automated email marketing, you will be well received by your customer because they have previously given you their consent to receive the newsletter. Sending the mailings costs you next to nothing, but has a very high reach with little wastage. If you schedule your newsletter mailing optimally, you will achieve maximum effect.

With email marketing automation, you can optimally coordinate all advertising activities. This saves valuable time, money and human resources. If your campaign was successful, you don't have to set up a new one later, but simply adapt the current campaign.

Source: Customer Journey according to Pedalix

New customer acquisition with email marketing automation

You can win new customers by sending them targeted content by e-mail after they have subscribed to your newsletter. With each interaction, a prospect moves further along the customer journey and thus closer to a sales conversation with your sales team.

Lead nurturing via email works like this:

  1. The prospect signs up for your email list.

  2. He then receives useful information about your products, your brand, your B2B company and related topics.

  3. Through these newsletters you gain his trust and show him that you are an expert in this field.

  4. With each article read, the prospect is better informed and moves closer to your product range.

  5. If the lead has reached a predetermined lead score or even contacts your B2B company on his own, he is ready for a personal contact with the sales department.

  6. The conclusion of the contact is done by the sales department. With the help of the previously collected information, the probability of closing the deal is increased.

Strengthening customer loyalty with email marketing

Just as important as new customer acquisition and lead nurturing with the help of email marketing is existing customer care. In doing so, inspire your loyal customers with exclusive offers and inside information worth knowing.

If an existing customer hasn't purchased anything for a while, send them a personalized follow-up mailing. On this occasion, you can ask for the reason of his inactivity. This will give you important information that you can use to optimise your products and services.

Source: Personalized Newsletter from Pedalix Software

Reactivating inactive customers through email marketing

Despite consistently high product quality and professionally executed advertising campaigns, it can happen that long-time customers migrate to the competition.

However, you can reactivate some of these inactive buyers with individually designed reactivation emails, reminder and enquiry mailings before any churn occurs.

Automated sending of interesting newsletters

In order for your e-mail marketing to achieve the best possible effect, you should

  • a personal address,

  • dynamic content and

  • content that is relevant to the target group.

If you call the subscriber by his name, he feels personally addressed and is more likely to open your email. If they find your text and multimedia content interesting, you have the opportunity to lead them further along the customer journey with additional information.

B2B customers are best picked up with interesting industry news, important facts about your products and infographics on related topics.

With a suitable marketing automation software, you can see in the user profile which products a contact qualifies for and can target them on these products at the appropriate time.

If your newsletter has an attention-grabbing subject line, a clear structure and useful content for the subscriber, it will be opened immediately. And at the same time increases the willingness to read further mailings from you.


Automated email marketing makes lead nurturing and new customer acquisition more successful. The personalized emails that are tailored to the interests of the recipients are opened much more often than standard mailings. With them, B2B companies can significantly increase their ROI.