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How a Corporate Blog Supports Acquiring New Customers

In the digital age, the acquisition of new customers in the B2B segment largely takes place on online media. The corporate blog is a powerful tool for providing potential customers with important information and for successful customer acquisition.

What is a corporate blog?

The corporate blog is a corporate communication tool. It serves to draw attention to one's own company and is often used to achieve marketing goals. The creation of posts in the corporate blog is often carried out by an employee of the company, but can also be filled with content by external parties.

It is important that the corporate blog appears regularly and is always filled with interesting topics for the users.

This is the only way to keep once gained readers of the blog happy so that they keep looking for new content on the corporate blog.

To keep the corporate blog interesting for readers, pay attention to these factors when creating posts:

  • Choosing interesting topics that appeal to readers

  • Do not focus on the company's products, but on the needs of the reader

  • Do not use advertising messages

  • Give the company blog a face and introduce people to achieve emotional connection

  • Layout, style and design should match your own company

  • Offer orientation and user-friendly handling

Source: Example Corporate Blog from ELPRO

How to win new customers with a corporate blog?

In the digital age, companies in the B2B segment increasingly rely on online media to solve problems and find new business partners.

A contact in the B2B area requires a lot of time and patience, because not every visit to a website immediately leads to the conclusion of a contract.

Decision makers are well-informed and require extensive information before a purchase contract is signed. In order to keep the prospective customer in mind, it is crucial to be present at all touchpoints within the customer journey and to offer valuable content.

A well-managed corporate blog is an important tool in this regard to provide potential customers with important information.

With your company's own corporate blog, you become an expert who writes about interesting topics from the industry, about new products and techniques or about problem solutions for potential business partners.

This approach builds trust with your prospects while creating lasting interest. These are the factors you should keep in mind to make your business blog successful:

  • Start early in the customer journey

  • Place information before advertising

  • Use conversion elements

  • Provide leads with further information

  • Sign new customers

A corporate blog succeeds in reaching additional visitors who may later become new customers, while generating more traffic for your company website.

Start early in the customer journey

When a lead from the B2B segment first takes interest in your company, they usually have a problem or are looking for a solution for their own business model.

For this reason, it is crucial to inspire the promising contact with valuable content right at the beginning of the customer journey.

The corporate blog is an excellent tool for completely accompanying the potential customer throughout the entire customer journey.

New interesting topics are always covered in the corporate blog. The blog posts answer questions of the customer or arouse additional interest in the lead.

It is important to always keep an eye on the potential customer and make sure that he does not drop out during the customer journey. He should constantly be provided with new texts on the company blog that offer him and his company added value.

This way, you achieve higher attention from the prospect and increase the perception of your website at the same time.

Source: Customer Journey according to Pedalix

Information before advertising

Decision makers of B2B companies are well-informed and yet constantly on the lookout for additional information for unanswered questions regarding their problems.

For a company's own corporate blog, it is a tremendous advantage if current posts can answer questions that a potential customer has not even asked yet.

In many cases, you will receive positive responses from your leads if a well-managed corporate blog can provide valuable content that will help the target customer.

Most certainly, obvious advertising for one's own products is out of place in a corporate blog.

B2B decision makers are bombarded with advertising in their daily lives. They look forward to valuable content that solves their problems instead of encountering ads for products that don't add value for them.

Via the knowledge transfer in your company blog, your target customer is able to inform himself.

Use conversion elements

A key point of any customer journey for your own company is to maintain contact with potential customers and to keep firing them up with new content.

Only if you succeed in permanently providing additional attention or inducing the customer to get in touch with you again, you have the chance to get a successful contract at the end of the customer journey.

Conversion elements such as:

  • Downloading whitepapers and product information

  • Invitation to a virtual product demo

  • Contact forms

  • and Lead magnets

aim to enhance conversions on your corporate blog. Such conversion elements will usually provide you with feedback from your prospect or create new leads that will move the prospect forward in their customer journey.

Provide leads with further information

It is beneficial for your company blog to be able to provide prospects with further information as part of the blog posts. Upon request from the prospect, you should be able to provide additional content that is important to the lead.

It's even better if your corporate blog can already provide more in-depth articles that don't even need to be asked for, but are available directly via download.

This is where social media comes into action. Through social media channels you can distribute content from your corporate blog, which in many cases is read, rated or shared there.

Accordingly, important company content is spread further on the net and you always remain the owner of the distributed news.

With the help of email attachments, marketing staff can also distribute additional interesting information.

Source: Preview LinkedIn post by Pedalix

Sign a new customer

The corporate blog is an important building block in the context of generating new customers in the B2B segment.

Through the blog, with its different and varied posts, there are many touchpoints that are measurable for the marketing staff.

At this point it can be determined in what form and how often potential customers have made themselves known. It is possible to measure and subsequently classify the individual activities with the aid of a scoring model.

Source: Customer Profile from Pedalix Software

By determining the:

  • Number of visits to the website

  • Interest in certain products

  • Retrieval of product information / price lists

  • Download of contents

  • Retrieval of newsletters

depending on the weighting of the individual activities, a value results that leads to a transfer to the sales team when a predefined threshold is reached.


In order to obtain new customers in the B2B sector, the corporate blog is a valuable building block. With regular, up-to-date and valuable content, it is possible to draw potential customers' attention to your own company.

If it is possible to advance the target customer in the customer journey via additional valuable content, the chances of closing a deal are high.