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It comprehensively enables automated analysis and interpretation of large amounts of data, only requiring input at the beginning. Contexts are abstracted by the system and can then automatically be applied to new use cases.

It is called artificial intelligence since the software develops itself further and expands its knowledge on the basis of all newly generated information. Furthermore, it can work out correlations and use them in a further step at relevant points or even develop them further.

One of the most important challenges in the corporate sector is the digitalization of work processes. It is the only way to ensure lasting competitiveness. This makes digital transformation a key strategy toward new types of business models and value chains. The result is accelerated innovation cycles and accordingly sustainable growth.

One of the main components of a company is the marketing department. In order to make a product or service known and perceived in the market, the marketing team has to tackle various challenges. At this point, marketing automation can be introduced through Artificial Intelligence (AI) / machine learning.

A marketing automation software supports the marketing of a company in all marketing tasks; from personalized newsletters to workflows, everything can be handled automatically. Not only does this increase the efficiency of the company, but it also reduces the effort and time that would otherwise be spent manually on these tasks.