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What is an SEO Check?

A SEO check is the basis for successful SEO marketing. With an SEO check it is analyzed whether the contents of a website are aligned with the target group and keywords with sufficient search volume are used. In addition, it is checked how the opinion leadership can be further expanded with additional content marketing.

Furthermore, it is checked whether a website meets all technical criteria to be read and understood by search engines.

Find the flaws in the technical SEO for a given URL.

Check title, descriptions, H1-H6 tags and the size of the page.

The HTTP status code, the size of the page, the correct completion of title, description and h1 tags are sometimes the most important. These criteria should be checked during internal optimization.

Find large images or those without titles or with outdated properties. Find errors in technical search engine optimization.

Test and check all external and internal links and have your website analyzed.

Check your Google score of Google Website Check for usability, speed on PC and mobile devices.

Tools for this are SEMrush or Ahrefs.