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Lead generation & nurturing

Generate leads on autopilot with an industry survey.

Generate and nurture ready-to-buy leads, valuable content to share and build authority with an industry survey.

The obstacle

Ad-hoc marketing no longer works in B2B ☠️

A missing automation of lead management and content marketing can have negative consequences for your company. Not only do you miss out on potential sales increases, but your valuable time and resources are also wasted, resulting not least in stress and a lag behind the competition.

The value proposition

Save time and take back control: conquer your market with a lead-nurturing strategy

Automated lead generation and more effective revenue teams that target the right ready-to-buy contacts. For the right timing, more relevance, and lasting relationships with your best customers.

Effective lead generation through qualification

Repetitive lead generation, for sustainable relationship building with qualified and ready-to-buy leads, resulting in consistently higher sales. Increase data quality with zero-party customer data: continuous enrichment of contact data without own effort, for more relevance and clear marketing signals.

Build competitive advantage through clear differentiation

Automation gives you a decisive advantage over your competitors, so that you are always one step ahead - even over the market leader in your industry, with a clear differentiation.

The market is full of competitors who may be louder, but who don't offer the best solution!

Informed contacts through relevant content

Solve your content problem, get a content plan and continuously updated content around the collected survey data. Unique benchmarks and industry insights from your online survey data. 

Your customers don't want to be drawn to your company by short-term, aggressive sales tactics! 

By automating B2B lead nurturing, 451% more leads could be qualified (Oracle).
B2B companies achieve up to 50% more qualified leads at one-third the usual cost through lead nurturing (Eloqua).

A team of software entrepreneurs, who had to master the same problems as you with their companies. We help you with your complex products, identify ready-to-buy leads within 6 weeks, cultivate new and existing contacts and automate lead management.

More effective revenue teams that take care of the right ready-to-buy contacts


We identify leads ready to buy, through automated nurturing of new and existing contacts. Automated lead generation for proper timing. More relevance through unique content, without high investment in resources.

1) Fill out form

Fill out a self-assessment, from your data we will put together the appropriate modules and show you recommendations for action.

2) Select target group and market

Based on your input, we will discuss in a zoom call the most important information about your target group, the desired amount of leads and your target market - in order to customize our templates individually for you.

3) Adjust action plan and speed

In a 30min call your goals will be discussed and the individual roadmap will be presented, fitting to your resources and desired speed.


Our network that trusts us.

What like-minded software entrepreneurs say.

  • Marc and Valentin's wealth of experience, combined with their systematic approach, has taken me a big step forward with my business. Their energy, far-reaching strategic planning and help with practical execution are unbeatable.
    Christian Hyka
    CEO, Survalyzer AG
  • Extremely well done, so much good content, no fluff! You would need a PDF summary to remember all the awesome content!
  • Great idea and exciting podcast. I'm looking forward to the next episodes.
  • Valentin and Marc shared with us great best practices and a compelling implementation framework. Combining their expertise with internal implementation strength enables faster and better scaling!
    Benoit Henry
    CEO, Certifaction AG
  • Marc and Valentin helped us with the scaling. The collaboration paid off in less than 2 months! The biggest impact was the increase in productivity of our team, sales pipeline and SEO.
    Adrian Kyburz
    Head of Revenue, Xorlab AG
  • Together with Marc, the business processes were accelerated and the data quality increased, which significantly reduces the process costs.
    Ph. Daeppen
    ABB Schweiz AG
  • We reached our goal after only 6 months. It was worth it even though Marc was not the cheapest provider.
    C. Broglie
    Fujifilm Schweiz AG
  • Nice format, short and sweet, and most importantly, no BS.
  • Whoop whoop! Very cool!
  • Perfect timing for Christmas. But chapeau, well handled the subject!
  • Great, dear Valentin and dear Marc- why does this sound so familiar to me 😉 .
    Cognita AG

In this world, B2B companies need a new strategy to compete

Build lasting relationships and nurture your contacts with relevant industry insights and unique benchmarks. In this world, companies need a new strategy to compete, one that aims to build long-term relationships with potential customers.
  • For us as entrepreneurs, positioning ourselves via industry benchmarks and studies was the best personal contact with potential customers and thus learned ourselves how to build lasting relationships. We have automated these processes and enhanced them with checklists.
    Marc Gasser
  • One of the biggest problems is generating and nurturing leads. If your email campaigns and blogs aren't resonating with your target audience and Google, it's very discouraging. Short-term lead generation campaigns are not sustainable and do not scale. In this world, businesses need a new strategy to compete.
    Valentin Binnendijk
Our approach

Wie wir deine Herausforderungen lösen

With our roadmap, we provide you with your best plan to identify the right marketing signals from your leads and customers. But that's not all: we offer all the tools you need for modern lead management.

  • 01: Upload contacts

    We help define the target audience, test relevant topics and the best messaging for the planned industry survey.

    1. Upload contacts
    2. Lead research & enrichment
    3. Data-driven messaging
  • 02: Send survey

    The survey is created and distributed. Participants are qualified and see their calculated maturity level compared to the rest of the industry.

    1. Distribution of the survey
    2. Survey readiness to buy
    3. Industry benchmark
  • 03: Identify willingness to buy

    The dispatch, follow-up and qualification is automated. Regular identification of leads ready to buy.

    1. Qualification of leads ready to buy
    2. Workflow automation
    3. Evaluation of survey results


This changes everything for long-term relationship building with your contacts. Expertly crafted digital customer journeys that build lasting relationships with prospects and customers and skyrocket your CRM graphs.

  • Action plan for repetitive lead generation
  • Industry Report & Benchmark Template
  • Lead Research & Enrichment
  • Individual outreach sequences
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Introductory offer

All the tools for effective lead management for B2B companies with complex products. The selection of the target group with a clear positioning, the implementation of your industry survey, the outreach sequences, end-to-end tracking of purchase readiness and the publications of unique content.


Folgende Templates erhältst du bei unserem Kennenlern-Call (ebenfalls kostenlos).

100 Tasks - the checklist for detailed procedure

This free spreadsheet is a valuable tool for B2B SaaS companies looking to improve their lead generation. The spreadsheet consists of a checklist with 100 detailed tasks necessary to build a successful lead generation campaign. Each step is detailed and gives you a clear idea of how to set up and execute your campaign.

With this spreadsheet, you'll save time and nerves by not having to work through countless articles and books to build a successful lead generation campaign. Instead, you'll have everything you need in a single template. You can customize the tasks as needed and streamline the flow of your campaign.

When you use this template, you'll be able to build a successful and sustainable lead generation campaign. This means that you will be able to target more potential customers and make more sales. The spreadsheet is free and can be downloaded immediately. Take this opportunity to take your lead generation to the next level!

Blueprint for the Industry Benchmark / Report

The "Industry Benchmark and Report Blueprint" offers a detailed procedure model to plan and implement a benchmark or report. The Blueprint is specifically tailored to the needs of B2B SaaS companies and is designed to help them become perceived as opinion leaders and generate qualified leads.

It covers topics such as planning and defining the benchmark topic, selecting participants and data sources, collecting and analyzing data, and creating the report and disseminating the result.

The goal of the Blueprint is to provide readers with a practical and easy-to-understand framework to plan and implement their own industry benchmark or report. With the help of the Blueprint, B2B SaaS companies should be able to position themselves as experts in their industry, generate valuable insights for their target audience, and attract qualified leads. 

Webinar Blueprint

The "Webinar Blueprint" is a free expert guide for B2B SaaS companies that provides detailed guidance on planning, executing and following up on webinars. The guide is designed to help companies organize successful webinars that not only provide valuable insights for the target audience, but also generate qualified leads.

The e-book is divided into several chapters that focus on different aspects of webinars. Topics covered include topic selection, targeting, choosing the right format, promoting the webinar, delivery, and follow-up. Each chapter includes practical tips and best practices based on many years of experience in organizing webinars.

Content Plan and Gap Analysis

The framework for "Content Gap Analysis", was developed specifically for B2B SaaS companies to win against the category leader in content marketing.

Es geht darum, die Lücken in der Content-Abdeckung deiner Konkurrenten zu identifizieren. Dazu vergleichst du die Inhalte deiner Konkurrenten mit den Bedürfnissen und Interessen deiner Zielgruppe und identifizierst Themen und Keywords, die noch nicht ausreichend abgedeckt sind.

Content-Planung: auf Basis der Ergebnisse aus der Content Gap Analyse erstellst du einen detaillierten Content-Plan, der sich auf die Lücken in der Content-Abdeckung deiner Konkurrenten konzentriert. Dabei solltest du sicherstellen, dass deine Inhalte einen Mehrwert für deine Zielgruppe bieten und SEO-optimiert sind.

Die Content Gap Analyse Vorlage ist eine einfache, aber effektive Methode, um gegen den Kategorie-Leader anzutreten und die Bedürfnisse deiner Zielgruppe besser zu verstehen. Nutze diese Vorlage, um deine Content-Strategie zu optimieren und dein Unternehmen auf das nächste Level zu bringen.


Any questions?

Write us your concerns and suggestions, we look forward to hearing from you.