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What is Lead Nurturing?

Successful lead nurturing defines in advance which phases there are in the purchase decision and which obstacles a potential customer might perceive before making a purchase, in order to reduce these in a goal-oriented manner. The aim is to provide the information needed depending on the situation, to assist with the decision to purchase a product or service.


Lead nurturing comprises the lead management measures that a company takes to address visitors with relevant information at the right time, in line with the respective phase of the purchase decision in which a visitor is currently located. It is particularly important to always offer the appropriate content.

Companies can provide relevant content in the form of lead magnets such as whitepapers, blog posts, videos, podcasts or checklists.

This way, companies inspire the potential customer with qualified content. The goal here is to get the prospective customer interested through informative content. Product-relevant content is not the focus.

Furthermore, a lead scoring model helps you assess whether an existing contact is promising or not.

Lead scoring is the process or scoring criterion of assigning values, usually in the form of numerical points, to leads you generate for your business. You then score your contacts based on several attributes.

This process helps both the sales and marketing teams prioritize leads, respond to them properly, and convert the conversion rate of these high-value leads into revenue.